Bear Hunting Tips: How Do You Survive a Bear Attack?

Bear Hunting Tips: How Do You Survive a Bear Attack?

How can you survive a bear attack?

The obvious thing for you to do is shoot any bear that’s rampaging towards you, but maybe your gun has jammed or even failed. Or maybe you’re out bird hunting with an under powered shotgun when a grizzly decides to attack.

Brown Bear

This is why it’s very important that you take note of the following hunting tips.

Don’t Panic when encountering a bear

First of all, make sure you remain calm. If you’re agitated and hysterical then this is the equivalent of writing “EAT ME!” across your forehead.

I know it’s difficult when you’ve got 1500 pounds worth of bear charging towards you, but you need to keep grounded and work out your best options. Quickly.

And don’t think that running is the answer. Again, this will mark you out as potential prey.

Don’t forget: bears may be large, but they can easily outrun a human.

Make Yourself as Large as Possible

You may not believe it, but bears don’t actually want to fight you. Especially if they think there’s a chance of losing.

If a bear is stationary and just eyeing you up then it’s a good idea for you to make yourself look as large as possible.

Keep your arms above your head and address the bear in a calm voice. If the bear begins to approach you then raise your voice.

Try backing away as you’re doing this, but do not run.

Play Dead (only if It’s a Grizzly)

If a grizzly bear does start to pick up speed as it approaches you then it’s time for you to prove you’re not a threat.

Do this by playing dead and dropping to the floor in a fetal position. If you can, arrange your backpack on top of you to protect yourself from any flying claws.

If the grizzly thinks you’re dead then they’ll get bored and head off.

Do NOT try this with a black bear. They’ll simply view you as a wrapped up meal ready to eat.

Big brown bear

Climb a Tree (only if It’s a Grizzly)

Black bears are excellent tree climbers, so you shouldn’t risk getting stuck up a tree with one of them on your tail!

Grizzly bears are a different matter, though, as they’re not really climbers. As long as you can get yourself high enough up a tree to remain out of reach then you should be ok.

Eventually the grizzly will get bored and leave.

Keep Bear Spray to Hand

Bear spray is a great option for you to momentarily distract a bear and give you time to escape.

I can’t recommend to you enough to always carry a can with you whilst you’re out in bear country.

It’s basically pepper spray, so it will cause impaired vision in the bear and probably cause them to fall to the floor and struggle.

However, it’s very powerful stuff, so make you spray it correctly. Make sure the wind is blowing away from you. If it hits you in the eyes then it’s likely to be game over for you.

I hope you’ve found these tips really useful, and if you’ve got any other helpful tips we’d love to hear all your of them below.

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