What Are the Best Elk Hunting Tips for a Beginner?

What Are the Best Elk Hunting Tips for a Beginner?

Learning how to hunt elk can be a little overwhelming, if its your first time hunting elk. Though it can apply to seasoned hunter veterans too.

That’s why those who are new to hunting often get a little anxious about taking on such big beasts.

But you don’t need to worry; you just need some great advice on how to get started.

And I’m going to help you dive into this world with the best elk hunting tips a beginner will ever need!

Get Some Decent Boots

The amount of equipment you need for hunting elks seems pretty exhaustive and is enough to make your head spin. You’ve got rifles, bows, scents, camouflage, calling equipment to start getting your head round, but most importantly you need to look at your boots.

You see, you’re going to rack up a lot of miles on the ground while hunting that elusive, big antlered beast, so you need the right footwear.

If you pick a pair of boots that aren’t up to the job then you’re going to be hopping from blistered foot to blistered foot. And that’s going to scare elks off in a second!

Make sure you get a durable set of boots with a decent tread and, this is the clincher, wear them in before hunting season. That way you’ll be ready to hit the dirt tracks in comfort from the word go.

Your choice in Boots is so important that we put together a Full Buyers Guide with the Best Hunting Boots.

Get Fit

As well as a great pair of boots you’re going to want to get yourself conditioned!

There’s no point walking into the forest for 3 hours if you’re going to end up slumped against a tree stump gasping for breath. It’s not safe and it’s going to scare off the elk!

You don’t need to train as if you’re going to run a marathon, but a couple of 3 – 4 mile jogs per week in the off season will really boost your stamina.

Get Going Early

You need to literally keep one step ahead of elk, so make sure you’re where they want to be before they are.

Elk cover most of their daily ground just after dawn and a few hours before sunset. Make sure you get yourself positioned before these key times in order to improve your chances of remaining hidden.

If you’re too late then you stand a good chance of failing to get to your location discreetly. And the amazing senses of an elk will pick this up long before you catch them sprinting into the distance.

Practice Long Distance Shooting

Not every elk is going to stroll into your rifle sights from 50 yards away. In fact, you’d have to be exceptionally lucky for that to happen!

It’s more likely that it could be 150 or even 300 yards away. And when you finally spot it you may only have this one chance to bag its antlers.

This is where a good Spotting Scope can make all the difference in the world.

In the off season make sure you practice shooting from as many different distances as possible. When it comes to that big shot you’ll thank me.

Keep Away from the RoadsBull Elk Bedded

If you want to hunt down elk then you need to keep well away from any roads.

Sure, we’d all love to sit there, in our trucks, and wait for an elk to come walking through, but that’s never gonna happen. Well, maybe one time out of a million, but that’s about it.

Instead, make sure you get deep into the heart of your territory.

And, in these situations, it’s best to camp out overnight. Don’t undo all that covered ground by tracking back to your truck for a comfy night’s snooze!

Always Scout

There’s no substitute for scouting when hunting elk, so make sure you carry out military precision scouting!

You need to get out into your hunting area, in the off season preferably, and start to form a mental map of the terrain.

Ideally you’ll want to feeding areas such as south facing areas where elk will feel safe and enclosed. Densely timbered areas facing north also make an excellent sleeping area for elk, so you’ll want to make a note of these too.

Of course, you can turn up on the day and play it all by ear, but believe me, you’re going to waste a WHOLE lotta time!

And even if you’ve hunted in the same area a couple of times you always need to revisit it. Remember, nature can change a terrain pretty quickly, so keep on top of it.

Hopefully these elk hunting tips have shown you how to hunt elk a little more effectively. If you’ve got any comments or tips of your own then please share them in the comments.

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