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41 of the best hunting dog names

41 of the best hunting dog names

There are many stressful decisions to be made in this world we live in. One of the hardest is picking a good name for your hunting dog. OK, I hear you’re protesting, there are probably much harder decisions people have to make on a daily basis, but naming a living creature can certainly be tricky.

So how do we name our hunting dogs? The one thing we have to remember is that this is hunting, and when we hunt we kill. Of course naturally, our dogs will be helping us make these killings, and thus should have a name that is tough, rugged, and dare we say mean.

But some hunting dogs serve a different purpose. Some are quite fierce, and others are just to help out, collecting our shot-down quail, or fetching those couple of pheasant you hit a minute ago.  Some dogs are more adventurous, and will wander off.

So let’s figure out some names to jog that creative brain of yours. All of these names have an exploratory, fierce, or valiant feel to them. Don’t hesitate to steal one from this list.

Hunting dog names:

Arnold: Nothing like naming your dog after man who played the Terminator.

Archer: Great name for your pup if you are a dedicated bowman

Atlantic: Something about oceanic names that screams nature and the wild

Armor: For your hunting dog if they are tough as nails

Ammo: Self Explanatory for hunting dogs.

Basher: If your dog likes a bit of rough play and won’t hesitate to tackle a bear if it saw one.

Bam: If your dog jumps to action at the sound of a gun.

Buck: Can’t forget maybe the greatest dog in literary history, Buck from Call of the Wild

Bomber: Just a cool sounding name for a great dog

Conan: Conan the destroyer, Conan the barbarian, Conan is a name that just signifies strength

Contra: From Latin routes, signifies great struggle.

Cornelius: Cornelius, the name of the USA’s first cut throat industrial tycoon Cornelius Vanderbilt. Signifies no fear.

Dynamite: Great explosive name for a dog that has extraordinary energy

Danger: For a dangerous dog who is a killer at heart. Only for the really fierce dogs who you wouldn’t want to bring around your grandma’.

Dash: For the speedier canines out there

Earth: This is another name for the adventurous type. If your dog wanders off and explores the earth, this name would be great for him.

Gunner: In football, the gunners are the players that go after the kick returner. Pretend your dog is one of these except the kick returner is tonight’s meal.

Hunter: Also a no brainer for hunting

Howler: If your dog is wolfesque, this would be a good one.

Jasper: Just a great dog name

Jumper: If your dog has ups, this is for you my friend.

Jet: For any dog as fast as a jet.

Killer: A bit of a violent name, but if you’re that kind of hunter, go ahead and name that dog a killer.

Maverick: If you are a traveling huntsman, this is a great name for a dog that comes everywhere with you.

Mauler: If your dog likes to maul its prey this is the name.

Magnum: Cool name for a gun, cool name for a hunting dog.

Northwood: This is just a very woodsy outdoorsman name. Good for any hunting dog.

Osiris: Godly, strong name for a great dog.

Pacific: Another oceanic name that signifies its connection with the wild.

Radar: If your dog has a knack for finding good game to hunt.

Rambo: Great movie, great strong character, great dog name.

Ringer: A name for all those dogs that love catching ring necks

Rocky: Name of a champion. If your hunting dog is always winning, then you are too.

Sarge: Authoritative, and in control is what a Sarge is. This is how your hunting dog should be.

Sniper: If you love to snipe, well then heck, name your dog sniper.

Trooper: Troopers are known for surveying the countryside. Sound like your dog?

Tyson: One of the fiercest fighters of our generation. Your dog should be tough like Mike too.

Wolf: A wolf loves the woods and thrives in it.

Wolverine: See above.

Zeus: The almighty god. Great name for any pet.

 Picking out a name is no easy task. You may even have to give it some time to see the personality of your dog first. Whatever name you choose think about it long and hard. With those 41 ideas above, some of those names are just so fitting for our 4 legged buds out there with us on every hunt. Be sure to let us know if you chose any of these names for your hunting dogs, or any other great names you think of!

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