Hunting Tips: What Are the Benefits of Hunting with a Buddy?

Hunting Tips: What Are the Benefits of Hunting with a Buddy?

Hunting on your own certainly has lots of benefits. There’s time for you to truly be alone with nature and all decisions go straight through you.

You’ve only got yourself to blame if something goes wrong and, more importantly, you get all of the glory from that big kill.

But, you know, hunting with a buddy is actually a really good idea, so let’s take a look at why you should think about inviting your buddy along.

hunting tips- hunting with a buddyStrength in Numbers

Adult bucks can reach up to 300 pounds in weight, so they’re pretty hefty beasts. And if you bag one of these it’s a big prize.

But if you’re on your own how on earth are you going to drag it through the rough overgrowth?

Exactly, you’re going to struggle and probably put your back out.

If you’re out with a buddy, though, it suddenly becomes a lot easier to pull it back to your truck.

Keeping Focus

Out on your own in the wilds it’s pretty easy for your mind to start to wander. And when this happens you lose focus and start making mistakes.

Maybe you’ll set your decoys up incorrectly or you’ll put one foot wrong and scare off your target.

Having your buddy with you helps to keep your mental focus on track.

And the presence of a buddy also helps to keep going and push yourself. There’s nothing like loneliness to put you off the task in hand.

He’s also going to help you get out of bed early in the morning!


This is a biggie for you right here. I mean, what happens if you get sick while you’re out in the woods? And what if you have an accident? Who’s going to get you to safety?

It sure won’t be those turkeys you’ve been hunting all morning!

If you’ve got a buddy with you then there’s extra security and peace of mind for both of you.

Father and Son Hunting tipsImproved Communication

Get yourself a two way radio and you and your buddy can really change the dynamics of a hunt.

For example, say you’re rattling some horns to attract a buck, but you’re not having any luck in enticing them into the clearing. You start rattling louder and louder, but still nothing.

What if, though, your buddy’s in a position where he can see the buck’s reaction to your rattling?

He can then radio through to you and tell you to calm down. Maybe you need to slow down and throw some grunting in there as well.

You simply won’t get that sort of information hunting solo.

Lightening the Load

The presence of another hunter lightens the load on one another, so this means you can really concentrate on the task in hand.

As you know, it’s difficult to do everything at once.

But with a buddy to help you’ll find you can both concentrate on your task in hand e.g. instead of calling and trying to aim the perfect shot, you may be calling while your buddy lines up that great shot.

If you think I’ve delivered some great hunting tips here then please let me know below!

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