The top 14 list of guns for hunting

The top 14 list of guns for hunting

List of guns for hunting:


Rifles are used for precision. When we need stick a bullet in a buck’s vitals, or if we are precision shooting type, we want to ensure we have the best rifle for the cause. Here are five solid rifles to consider for your hunt…

Mauser Model 78list of guns for hunting- rifles, shotguns, pistols

 This model, released well over 100 years ago. This gun features a simple bolt action chamber with use of black cartridges. Although used by the Germans way back during its conception, this no doubt makes for a solid hunting rifle.

Ruger 10/22

This semiautomatic weapon features a ten round rotary magazine and is very powerful for taking out on a small game hunt.

American Long rifle

The most American weapon you can find, the American Long rifle has a vast history. If you consider yourself a proud American and a simpleton, this should be taken under consideration.

Remington Model 700

This bolt action rifle can come equipped with three, four or five round magazines depending on the caliber of rifle you have. There are many different versions of this rifle and is surely a good choice.

Winchester Model 70

The “Rifleman’s Rifle” has been helping hunters earn their mark since the early 20th century. Reliable and historical, this is truly a great gun.


Shotguns are used for waterfowl, upland, and small game… and for good reason. The ability of shotguns is like non other, being able to take down quick moving small targets. The shotgun spray is ideal and with most small targets will likely be enough for the hunt. Here are some shotguns that are best for hunting.

Winchester Sx3

This model of the Winchester shotgun has been one favorite among Winchester guns. It is said to be much more reliable than its fellow Winchester models and has a speed of action that has been satisfying hunters for the last half a decade.

Mossburg 835

Not a flashy gun by any means, but this shotgun can be your most reliable soldier. A cheaper version of shotgun, this one is affordable and versatile when it comes to hunting.

Benelli Super Black Eagle II

This gun features the inertia driven shotgun system that a cult of hunters have been utilizing religiously over the decade. This gun works on a recoil and spring system and is truly a special piece of hunting equipment.

Browning Auto 5

This classic designed gun is extremely affordable and features a recoil-operated spring system. This is one of the originals and has been used for shooting ducks out of the air, and other waterfowl for decades.

Remington 870

We’ll save the most popular for last. This model shotgun is so popular for its simplicity and pump action design. Its reliability is unmatched and with good reason is the most sold shotgun gun of all time.


Pistols seem to be overlooked by the common man when it comes to hunting, but pistols can surely get you more game if you know how to use them. So let’s check out some highly effective pistols to use for your next hunt.

Smith & Wesson Model 317 Kit Gun

This gun is puts the hand in hand gun. Meant for convenience and reliability, this type of kit gun has been stored on hunters, campers, and even fisherman’s person for decades.

Colt Woodsman .22

A semiauto pistol, this is another classic handgun that should not be forgotten. Sometimes less is more, and with this gun you’ll put simplicity and style into your hunts.

Remington Model XP 100 Centerfire

This Remington pistol here was an experimental model of sorts, and is used more for long range fire. Looking like a “mini rifle” of sorts, this gun can be used to throw a little variety into the way you hunt, and can be used for a bit longer ranges.

Browning Buck Mark Hunter .22 LR

A lightweight gun that exudes a James Bond type aura, this gun features a scope mount and if packing heavy for a hunt, this would be a good choice.

 All of these guns will do you well on any hunt you choose. This list is certainly not exhaustive though and if have the opportunity to test out as many guns as possible, then go ahead and do so.

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