List of the most popular small game to hunt.

List of the most popular small game to hunt.

We hear the term “small game” thrown around all the time. For some of us new to hunting, this may be a little bit confusing. Small game can make up anything that is, well, small that you would want to hunt. From Ducks to Rabbits to even Frogs, hunting small game can be quite an adventure. Small game can be harder to get to and force us as hunters to be a bit more active.

List of small game:hunter- list of small game

Bird Game-

Ducks: Ducks are a very popular waterfowl game to hunt. Though they are a smaller sized animal in general, they can be one of the bigger birds that you’ll hunt for and they are a good size meal! Definitely a hunt you should consider, and with some shooting tips from us, you know you will be able to take down a bird or two… or the whole bag limit!

Grouse: Grouse are funny looking birds that hang out in piney forests. There are many kinds so there is plenty of opportunity for hunting these birds. 

Doves: These birds are some of the most widely hunted birds, with almost every state having dove readily available to hunt.  If you have never hunted doves before, this article on the basics of dove hunting should get you going.

Turkey: Even though Thanksgiving Day’s favorite animal countrywide, turkey hunting isn’t exclusive to November. These big birds are very fun to hunt, in both spring and fall. There are many different methods used to help score you a big Tom, like using turkey decoys.

Geese: Geese are bigger game than ducks, they also migrate during the winter time. Canada and the arctic are home to the breeding grounds of many geese, but they usually migrate to the USA during the colder months. If you have never been on a goose hunt, you are missing out. They can be very exciting and rewarding! Do you want to learning more about goose hunting?

Quail: Quail are medium sized birds which can be found mostly in flat fields, desert states, and there are even some quail that like the mountains. These can be hunted anywhere and are very common across the U.S.. Quail can be difficult game birds to bag, but with a few quail hunting tips, I think you will have no problem getting your fair share!

Snipe: Snipes are some of the tougher birds to find in your game bag at the end of the day. These long beaked, medium sized birds can be found in many places, but shooting them down is a bit tougher. They’re flight patterns cause a bit of a problem, so good luck hunting these down! 

Woodcock: This small fat bird can be found in dry shore areas, and is a bit tough to spot. This is one of the less popular small games to hunt.

We also have a more inclusive list for Waterfowl, and Upland birds to hunt!

Rodent Game- 

Rabbits: One of the oldest and most reliable forms of meat, rabbits have been hunted for centuries. This meat can be enjoyed by any who would like to get out into the wild to hunt. Check out some of the basics of rabbit hunting to get started!

Squirrel: Squirrels are a bit tougher and trickier to hunt, but without a doubt are a popular small game animal. Squirrels are everywhere so make sure your on hunting grounds when you’re searching for ones to gun down. If you have never taken a squirrel but you’d like to learn what it takes, we’ve got a few squirrel hunting tips for you as well

Amphibian Game- 

Snapping Turtle: Snapping turtles make for great soup, you’ve probably heard, but did you know how they got into that soup? That’s right! They are hunting wherever found throughout the world to make that very soup. So next time you prepare to eat this delicacy, remember the work it took to hunt! 

Bullfrog: This is another water dwelling amphibian that makes for great meal and an even more challenging hunt.

Small game hunting sometimes takes patience, but once you havsmall game ammo, .22 cal ammoe the skill you may be looking at a great home cooked meal supplied by your skillful hunting. So if any of these small game animals interests you and you want to know more, don’t hesitate to ask!

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