Most popular list of upland bird to hunt

Most popular list of upland bird to hunt

Waterfowl hunting is very popular in the United States, but hunting non-waterfowl birds may be just as popular. These are known as upland game. There are many types of birds you can hunt for this particular hunting sport, so we want to show you which birds you have the choice of hunting, here is an extensive list of upland bird, enjoy!

 List of upland game:


The “Dove” classification is made up of a remarkable 310 species that span across the whole world. From the gracious and beautiful white dove, to the frowned upon pigeon, and all the common dove in between that we hunt. These birds are plentiful and if you would like to start hunting doves, we can provide you with all the tips you need.

Common Doves:

  • Mourning Dove: Also known as the turtle dove. This is the leading game bird in North America.
  • Pigeon:Also known as the Rock dove, we all have seen the pigeon on our local street corner, but these birds are actually commonly hunted.
    • White Winged Dove: These gray birds with white wings love to come down and feed on crops. Another popular game bird.

 Quail :

Quail are midsized birds which are categorized into New World Quail and Old World Quail depending on their species. All quail live on the ground and feed on seeds and insects. They are very elusive and quick on there feet. For a few tips on hunting quail, click here and we’ll try to help out as much a possible.

  • Mountain Quail: Mountain quail love to hang out in bushing or brushy areas with a lot of vegetation. Oregon is one of the many spots that holds many of these types.
  • Bobwhite Quail: These quail have a unique whistling call that is distinguishable from other quail. These are some of the most common quail found in the Eastern USA.
  • California Quail: Found along the California Nevada border, these quail typically populate the valleys of the mountainous region found here as well as urban areas.
  • Gambel’s Quail: This quail is mostly grey with a copper head, and these birds can be found in the southwestern desert regions
  • Scaled Quail: Commonly referred to as the blue quail, this bird can be found in warm regions particularly southwestern United States. It has a scaly gray appearance.



If you are from the United States, of course the turkey needs no introduction. This well known bird is quite unique, and makes for great meat. Find yourself hunting turkey with the right shotgun set up, and decoys and most likely you will be sharing meals and memories with many other turkey hunters. Turkey are by far going to be some of the biggest birds your likely to hunt.

Pheasant: upland bird, pheasant, flying through the air

Pheasants are very bright colored birds. The most common type, known as ring necked or common pheasants can be found all over the world. Ring-necked pheasants are hunted everywhere. They are also actively bred for the purpose of gaming. Click here to learning a little bit more on pheasant hunting!


Grouse is another large game bird with a very unusual look. There are many types of grouse which can be found mostly in the northern hemisphere of the world. Grouse love pine forests, so any woods that fit this description could have these land birds flapping around. Here are a few common types of grouse. 

  • Sage Grouse: This is the biggest grouse found in the USA and has feathers all over its body, including its legs. This grouse also features a long feathery tail, which is very distinguishable. They are part of the sagebrush ecosystem, which is where their name comes from. This gives some good clues on where to look.
  • Ruffed Grouse: This average size grouse does not migrate, and stays in the Alaskan and northern Canadian territories. This grouse looks much like a partridge, but is categorized as a grouse.
    • Blue Grouse: These grouse can be found in highland regions and are very difficult to hunt just because you’ll have to hike quite far to get to them. They are quite large with a square tail, and very dark feathers.
  • Sharp tailed Grouse: Known as the fire bird, this smaller grouse can easily blend in with dry grass and wheat, as it features a light brown feathery complexion. These Grouse have a short square-tipped tail and can be found all throughout North America.


Snipes are medium sized bird that can be found everywhere, who have a long beak and are usually brown in color. They feed on insect larvae and can be found in marshy areas. Interestingly enough, due to their difficult to shoot down in a hunt, the term “snipe” was derived from hunting these tough birds. So, you better practice before you head out to hunt these sneaky marsh birds!


Woodcocks are stocky birds which have 360 degree vision due to their eyes being on the side of their head. They are woodland birds who feed at night. Their long bills make it ideal for them to feed on worms. Another popular game bird to consider adding to your gaming track record.


Partridges are a special type of pheasant, which are not native to North America. Many have been brought over and distributed throughout the continent. These mostly medium sized birds are seed feeders who do not migrate during the wintertime. Here are a couple types of common ones found: 

    • Chuckar: Chuckar enjoy dryer climates. These birds are quite difficult to hunt so be proud if you can round up a few of these.
  • Gray Partridge: This type of partridge was imported over to the USA. These birds’ habitats are very limited.

Hunters walking looking for upland bird game These are the common types of upland birds you will want to be hunting during hunting season. They are all unique and offer different exciting challenges. If you are in for a long career as a hunter, try getting at least one or two of each in your game bag.

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