What Are the Best Hunting Tips for Your First Hunt?

What Are the Best Hunting Tips for Your First Hunt?

You’ve finally got all your permits sorted, a brand new rifle strapped to your back and a belt full of ammo!

Ah! It’s a great feeling, isn’t it?!

But there’s one big problem – you’ve never been hunting before.

You’re probably wondering where the hell do you start?!

Well, don’t worry, just calm down and read the hunting tips and tricks below to put you at ease!

First hunting tip:

Do not hunt illegally. Getting hold of your gun permit isn’t the easiest of procedures and the amount of forms involved can often send you crazy!

That’s why you don’t want to have your permit revoked!

And this can easily happen if you don’t abide by the local hunting laws. I know that the small print of these hunting laws is enough to send you to sleep, but believe me, they’re worth a read.

Not only could you lose your permits, you could also face prosecution.

Hunting tips- do not hunt aloneDon’t Go Hunting without Telling Anyone

Even the best hunters get a little bit lost out in the wild, but you can rest assured that someone knows roughly where they are.

Always make sure that people know where you’re going hunting. Accidents can happen very easily.

Even if you know the terrain pretty well I would always encourage you to carry some type of GPS device.

Respect Gun Safety

Using a gun out in the wild is very different to using one at a shooting range. There’s no control and no safety procedures in place to prevent any accidents.

It’s your duty to seriously learn how to use a gun safely to protect yourself and others.

Try reading up on our gun safety tips here.

Know Your Limits

As a first time hunter you’re going to be lacking in experience. We’ve all been there and it’s nothing to get disheartened about.

You’re going to make mistakes, so just chalk them down to experience.

The main thing to understand is that you have to start small. Don’t go racing after 300 pound bucks right away…

Start off hunting smaller game such as turkeys, pheasants, dove and other small game to gain a little experience out there. You’ll have a much better success rate with these and it will keep your confidence up too.

Stock up on the Gear That You Need

Walk into any hunting store and you’ll see about a million different hunting accessories that you’ll want, and that the stores will try to sell you…

But, you know what? You really don’t need every single gadget they offer. No matter how much the salesperson tells you that you need it.

The main things that you will want to stock up on are the basics e.g. camouflage, dressing equipment, cover, safety gear and any overnight equipment you may need. See a more in depth list of hunting gear I always bring along for my hunts!

Team up with a Mentor

Of course, the best way to get started with hunting is to get yourself a mentor.

The wisdom and experience they can bring to your hunting skills is invaluable. They’ve done it and seen it all before, so they’re going to speed up your learning process to no end.

I really hope you have a great time getting to grips with the world of hunting; if you thought this article was awesome, or you have any tips for the new hunters out there let us know with some comments below!

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